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Veterans Mobility Vehicles

At Quail Country Customs, our goal is to provide the best mobility vehicles on the market at the lowest prices and we especially want to thank those who have fought for our country. Regardless of whether your mobility limiting injury occurred when you were on active duty or not, you may still qualify for other VA assistance programs that are available.

Whether you are a veteran and are eligible for our veteran’s deals or not, we can offer you a fantastic deal on your wheelchair accessible van. Call one of our mobility specialists to check out some of the wheelchair accessible vehicles that we have to offer.

Quail Country Customs’s Veterans Vehicle Exchange Program

If you're a service connected veteran, you qualify!!!

  • Just bring us your 2 year old conversion van
  • Pick out your new conversion van
  • We exchange keys
  • Never be out of warranty
  • Drive the latest technology and safety features
  • Help another Vet or disabled person by recycling your van
  • You’ve earned the Benefit!
  • Quail Country Customs provides local service and 24 hour emergency service
  • Call a QCC Consultant for more details
  • Mileage limit from time of purchase not to exceed 25,000 miles driven. .35 cent per mile charge over 25,000 miles driven.
  • Damage over normal wear and tear to be charge to the Veteran, including dents, broken ground effects, etc.
  • If Veteran has loan balance, the balance will be refinanced into the new conversion
  • Must trade within 90 days of eligibility.
  • Based on Veterans eligibility at time of purchase.

How do I know if I qualify for Veterans' Benefits:

  • Contact your a QCC consultant to learn more about Veterans' Benefits
  • Contact your local Paralyzed Veterans of American (PVA) office. For more information visit
  • Contact your local Veterans Office at
  • Learn about Wounded Warrior at

Quail Country Customs Provide Independence for Veterans